Commercially grown fruits and vegetables generally contain harmful residues of pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, food waxes and other organic soils.

Many of the contaminant soils found on fruits and vegetables contain petroleum distillates such as paraffin or mineral oil. Other toxic chemicals include terpenes, glycol ethers and reagents such as sodium hydroxide or ammonia compounds. 

These contaminants are often derived from pest control and residual products from operating and/or cleaning agricultural equipment. SAFE CARE® cleaning products and SAFE LUBE industrial lubricants may improve or eliminate soil contamination, therefore improving the overall safety and quality of the agricultural product. 

SAFE CARE® cleaning products are USDA compliant and may be used in the process waters of post  harvest, fresh cut and processed fruits and vegetables. SAFE CARE® products may be used in all major processing steps including multi-stage flumes, chill tanks, coolers, washing equipment and food processing systems. SAFE LUBE products may be used with agricultural equipment where hydraulics are used, gear oil for conveyor belts, and general purpose lubricants for food processors. 

Recent testing has proven that when orchard fruit such as apples or citrus are cleaned with SC-1000 Aqueous Cleaner that the shelf-line is actually extended with less fruit loss to rot.


  • Food Process Cleaning

  • Meat, Poultry and Fish Processing

  • Dairy Product Processing

  • Beverage Production

  • Breweries