Powerful plant-based industrial cleaners, solvents and specialty products that provide extraordinary cleaning results while protecting you and the environment.

SAFE CARE® cleaning products, specifically SC-1000 which is listed with the USEPA National Oil & Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP), cleans by reducing the surface tension of the oil at the substrate surface, weakening the polar attraction of oil to the surface which then allows it to be rinsed from the surface and captured. 

Major Oil & Gas service companies are drawn to the benefits of using non-toxic, non-hazardous cleaners and solvents for a variety of applications including tank cleaning, degassing, equipment maintenance, oil herding, oil/water separation and Rig maintenance. 

Our high-performance non-ionic surfactant, SC-1000 and our non-evaporative, water soluble solvent, SC-SuperSolv, have shown tremendous promise as a direct replacement or as an additive for the following functions:

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery / Improved Yields

  • Oil Spill Recovery /Soil Remediation

  • Cooling Pond Clarification / Oil Water Separation

  • Down-hole Drilling Muds / Wellbore Productivity


Bench testing was conducted with contaminated “mud” samples to demonstrate release. We used our non-evaporative solvent called SC-EZ-Solv to soften the tar-like petroleum in the soil.  

Then, we introduced our nonionic surfactant called  SC-1000 Aqueous Cleaner at a 5% solution which caused the petroleum and solvent to immediately release and separate from the soil so that it could be captured at the top of the water column.