SC-OmniBrite Acid Cleaner


DESCRIPTION: SC-OmniBrite Acid Cleaner is a ready-to-use 100% plant-based formulation comprised of fatty acids, a unique plant enzyme, non- ionic surfactants and a buffering system. With a low acid reserve of 9, SC-OmniBrite Acid is not corrosive to skin making it safe to handle and dispose of. SC-OmniBrite Acid is appropriate for removing accumulated calcium build-up on metal pipe, elastomeric and vitreous ceramic surfaces such as aluminum fin coil heat exchangers, circulation pipes, dairy process equipment, toilets & urinals, beverage machines, and surfaces with hard water accumulation. SC-OmniBrite Acid Cleaner complies with:

  • USDA BioPreferred® Program
  • EU REACH Pre-registered
  • OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
  • USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
  • USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing


INSTRUCTIONS: Apply SC-OmniBrite Acid full strength or depending on the application, SC-OmniBrite Acid may be diluted with water. Typical solution strength is 1:10 parts water (10%) solution. Allow product to dwell on soil for 30 minutes up to 2 hours. If necessary agitate with  a nylon brush or sponge before thoroughly rinsing with clean water. The water rinse is important for removing soil and neutralizing any residual product.

Suggested Dilutions: Difficult Cleaning 100% – 50%

                                    Average Cleaning  50% – 10%


  • Non-toxic
  • Non-reactive
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Derived from renewable resources
  • Safe to use, store and dispose of


  • Petroleum distillates
  • Glycol ethers
  • Terpenes
  • Synthetics
  • Builders & reagents
  • Caustics


Appearance: Clear, water-like liquid

Odor: Mild

Water Solubility: 100% Soluble 

Boiling Point: 100ºC (212ºF)

Flash Point: None

Specific Gravity: ~1.04 @60/60°F 

pH Range: 2.2 – 2.6

The information contained herein is believed to be correct including test data conducted under controlled laboratory conditions. Users of SAFE CARE products should perform their own test(s) to determine the suitability of the product for their specific application(s).